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Who is Eco-Green Agri?

Eco-Green Agri is situated in Paarl in the picturesque Boland region, the third oldest town in South Africa and the largest in the Cape Winelands area. Our head office is located next to the Berg River which runs like a vein through the Drakenstein Valley. Eco-Green Agri is a South African based Company that specializes in crop input formulation, manufacturing and distribution. Founded in 2011, Eco-Green Agri is focussed on the manufacturing of exceptional and effective plant nutrition and soil conditioning products by implementing the latest technology and supplying through an extensive distribution network to our customers for use on a widespread variety of agricultural crops.

Through our innovative ideas and new concepts we can make a positive contribution towards sustainable growth. Our sales and support team is trained and geared in assisting farmers and distributors with the applications of our products on the farm through product training, farmer information days and crop spray programs.

The Eco-Green Agri logo explained:

  • The word “eco” – being responsible towards the environment
  • The word “green” – our contribution to sustainable agriculture
  • The “leaf” – uphold plant health and high quality standards
  • The “blue” curve – symbolize our loyal service and support to our customers
  • The “yellow” curve – symbolize our continues innovation


Eco-Green Agri is responsible for its own in-house formulation, manufacturing and distribution of specialized high quality crop solutions. The Company performs extensive research and development of our quality products backed by technical know-how in collaboration with various universities, educated agronomists, experience crop consultants, cooperators and high level producers.


Our manufacturing facility is dedicated to produce high quality formulations that are acceptable in the market. Environmental awareness is something that we believe in, which is why we have the stringent quality and safety requirements in place. The facility is constantly being upgraded so that it may remain competitive within the markets it serves and at the same time increase production efficiency.


Eco-Green Agri invests considerable time and energy in our product research and development, which make the Company attractive to other distribution companies and customers. Eco-Green Agri is the first agricultural Company in South Africa to introduce a branded agricultural bucket that is durable, reliable and easy to use. Our products and packaging provide high impact solutions for critical issues that are important to our clients both locally and internationally.


Marketing is aimed at supplying high quality products along with strong technical support. Our branded products are marketed locally, exclusively to a range of well-established distributors within South Africa, in South African Developing Countries (SADC) and other international countries.

Customer satisfaction

Our sales team will always assist in comprehensive technical services to the best of their ability. In order to develop, maintain and expand a healthy business relationship with all our clients, we conduct business that is both ethical and beneficial for both parties.

what we are all about


Our Company is committed to develop, formulate and manufacture high quality crop input solutions through its innovative and cost effective strategies.


Adding value to our clients businesses by implementing innovative technology, develop high quality products and supplying expertise services. To establish new and maintain long term business relationships and broaden our distribution network.


Eco-Green Agri is a Company rooted in the ethos of excellence, honesty and professionalism.
We are committed to provide the best technical advice, service delivery and cost-effective solutions to all our clients.