Sterilisers & Speciality Products


Steri-Kleen is a very effective broad spectrum surface sterilizing agent against bacteria, fungi, spores, algae and viruses.

Hand Sanitizer

High grade 75% alcohol based powerful hand disinfectant that rapidly evaporates away to leave hands dry and sanitised. This product is designed for use in spray on and drip-style methods, where no water washing of hands is necessary.


Bio-Wash is a powerfully effective and fast working detergent and degreaser. Universal food safe cleaner, can be used on hard or soft surfaces, also safe to use on paintwork and decals.


Pine-Gel is a pine fragranced disinfectant that kills most germs. This biodegradable yellow jelly is made from natural pine oil for lasting fragrance and effect. For use on hard surfaces such as walls and floors, kitchen and bathrooms.